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"Numeracy involves using mathematical ideas efficiently to make sense of the world." ― NSW Department of Education and Communities

While it necessarily involves understanding some mathematical ideas, notations and techniques, (numeracy) also involves drawing on knowledge of particular contexts and circumstances in deciding when to use mathematics, choosing the mathematics to use and critically evaluating its use. Each individual’s interpretation of the world draws on understandings of number, measurement, probability, data and spatial sense combined with critical mathematical thinking.

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Adult Numeracy Network
The Adult Numeracy Network was one of the first adult Numeracy organizations in the US.

A Review of Literature in Adult Numeracy: Research and Conceptual Issues
This is an older review of Numeracy literature2007.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy: the video Wal-mart of education.

Free KutaSoftware worksheet builder
Worksheets across the spectrum of math. This is a great resource for students who need to build procedural fluency.

Flash Cards Activities Online
From Lots of resource generators at this site, including this flashcard generator

Cognitive Instruction Strategies Website
From the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. This resource contains cognitive instructional strategies for math, reading, writing, and other adult education topics.

The Media Library of Teaching Skills
Videos of instructional techniques from all aspects of adult ed including Numeracy, ESOL, Reading, and Writing.

NEW: Wichita Public Schools' Implementing Standards for Mathematical Practice
Covers implementation of the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

NEW: Aligned blog series
"The Standards for Mathematical Practice"—recognize instructional materials that effectively incorporate the math practice standards and the math content standards.

NEW: UnboundEd Podcast
"The Standards for Mathematical Practice - Dr. Bill McCallum"—listen to one of the lead authors of the CCSS for Mathematics discuss what the mathematical practices look like across grade-levels.

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