Using the U.S. Health Care System

This section provides educators with explanations and resources for taking some of the confusion out of understanding U.S. health care for ESOL learners. It provides links to affordable care resources in Virginia and tips for using them.

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2.1 Some Useful U.S. Health Care and Public Health Terms This glossary provides simple explanations of some health care, public health, and social service system terms that might be pertinent for some ELLs.
2.2 Health Care Resources for Learners in Virginia This list contains links to low-cost health care services uninsured or underinsured ELLs might need, including clinics, vision care, hearing care, dental care, mental health care, women’s health, workers’ compensation information, multicultural social services, family services, insurance assistance, and legal aid.
2.3 Tips for Accessing Affordable Health Care Clinics This article provides helpful tips for enrolling in and using affordable health care services.
2.4 Tips for Troubleshooting Health Insurance: Information to Help Teachers Explain Insurance to Learners This article offers suggestions on how to handle common health insurance problems.
2.5 LEP Individuals and Health Care Reform: What We Know in April 2013 This document presents what we know in April 2013 about how health care reform might impact ELLs in Virginia.
2.6 Information on Medical Debt in Virginia This document, used with permission of the Legal Aid Society of Virginia, explains state law and available resources related to avoiding and addressing medical debt in Virginia.