Teaching ESOL Health Literacy

This section presents concrete content that ELLs need to know to function effectively in health care and ideas for how to approach health literacy curriculum development, lesson planning, and bringing lessons to life.

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3.1 What Your ELLs Absolutely Need to Know About Using U.S. Health Care This document identifies basic information that all ELLs need to know to access, navigate, and communicate effectively in U.S. health care.
3.2 Health Literacy Curriculum Considerations: Curriculum Design Checklist This document can serve as a checklist for streamlining the development of an ESOL health literacy curriculum in your program.
3.3 Bring Health Lessons to Life: Instructional Supports This document offers suggestions for keeping health lessons lively and relevant to learner needs.
3.4 Teaching Health FAQs: Addressing Teachers’ Concerns This document presents answers to questions and concerns many teachers have about teaching health in ESOL classes.
3.5 Picture Story StoryboardThis slideshow with video demonstrates how instructors can effectively use a health literacy picture story with lower level ELLs. - COMING SOON
3.6 Teacher Feature: Barbara Hicks One Arlington ESOL educator takes on health literacy with her beginner learners.
3.7 ESOL Health Literacy and Research: An Interview with Maricel Santos Professor Santos shares her important work in this new area of research and gives suggestions for educators.
3.8 An Interview with Janet Isserlis Janet Isserlis is an ardent advocate for understanding the needs of adult learners who have experienced violence or other personal trauma. In this Progress interview, she shares insights into what educators can do to better accommodate specific classroom needs of these learners.
Teaching MaterialsThe following new ESOL teaching materials and lesson plans were designed in response to educator requests for additional learner-centered resources on these significant and/or sensitive health topics. Background information and instructions for teachers are provided.