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This section is for English language learners.

It has helpful information about going to the doctor in the United States.

Practice the information with your teacher.

Share the information with your family and friends.

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illustration of a worried person who does not have insurance6.1 ESOL Health Care Tips

Important basic information about health care in the U.S.:
  • Finding health care
  • Communicating with the doctor or hospital
  • Paying for health care
  • Understanding health information
illustration of a health clinic6.2 Tips for Using a Health Clinic

Information about:
  • Finding a clinic
  • Clinic services
  • Clinic costs
  • Making a clinic appointment
illustration of a man talking to a doctor6.3 Tips for Talking with the Doctor

More ideas to help you:
  • Communicate better with doctors
  • Understand information better
  • Remember information better
illustration of medical forms6.4 My Medical History

Practice writing down a medical history for you and your family.

Share the information with doctors.
illustration of medications 6.5 My Medication List

Practice writing information about your medications.

Share the information with doctors.
illustration of a doctor talking to a patient6.6 Understanding Information from My Doctor

If you need help to remember important information from a doctor, you can give this form to the doctor.
illustration of a person with a questioning expression6.7 Health Care Resources in Virginia

Learn where to go for:
  • Medical care

  • Vision care
    illustration of a health clinic

  • Hearing care
    Hearing care Image

  • Dental care
    Dental care Image

  • Women's health care
    Women’s health care Image

  • Mental health care
    Mental health care Image

  • Low cost prescriptions
    Prescriptions Image

  • Help with insurance
    Insurance Image

  • And more!