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Teacher Observation Project

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The Virginia Teacher Feedback and Guidance Project

This website contains a set of tools to be used by instructional leaders -- regional specialists, program directors, lead teachers -- for a process of teacher observation and feedback for professional development. The process is designed to help the observer better understand the teacher's classroom practice and to give the teacher objective input and the opportunity to examine and improve particular aspects of her/his practice.

Interested in the project? Read the introduction.

Tools to use in the observation process:

  • Indicators of Good Teaching in Adult Education was developed by an advisory group of practitioners based on adult education research.
  • Letter to the Teacher is used to set up the observation.
  • The Request for Background Information is used to collect information about the particular class that will be observed and to get teacher's goals for the observation.
  • Direct Notes for Classroom Observation is a form used to take notes during the observation. Some observers prefer to use blank paper, but will need to include the types of information (including terms) that are on the form.
  • The Teaching Analysis Form is used by the observer to document and analyze the observation. This is the form that is shared with the teacher. The observer uses it to note what was observed about the various teaching indicators and to make suggestions for possible changes. This is not meant to be an exhaustive analysis focusing in detail on every observation of every indicator. Rather, the observer should be guided by his/her priorities in regard to what is most important and by the teacher's goals for the observation.
  • The Post-Observation Teacher Follow-up Plan is to be used by the teacher to document decisions made based on the observation.

Guides for the Observer

Supplemental Materials

* Saphier, Jon. (1993). How to make supervision and evaluation really work. Acton, MA: Research for Better Teaching, Inc.

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