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"We need to embrace technology to make learning more engaging. Because when students are engaged and they are interested, that's where learning takes place." ― Unknown

These resources are designed to help teachers bring technology into instruction and streamline their classroom administration across all their devices, from mobile phones to laptops and desktop computers to tablets. You may use this critical evaluation rubric to evaluate the content of the apps and keep a copy of each evaluation you in your records. This rubric can be used repeatedly.

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Pear Deck is a free add-on to Google Slides. Teachers can enhance their slides with interactive prompts and students can respond by answering with text, choosing from multiple-choice options, selecting numbers, visiting a website, creating a drawing, or dragging and dropping their responses.
ZeeMaps is a free tool that allows users to create, publish, and store interactive maps.
Flippity is a free tool that allows users working with Google Sheets templates to create interactive educational games, activities, and tools for students. One Flippity tool that is especially useful allows users to create interactive timelines. Teachers can create interactive timelines and add images and/or videos related to the timeline. Students can use timelines to create presentations and organize information.
Wordwall is a platform that allows teachers to easily create quizzes, match ups, word games, and much more for their classroom. Teachers can create both web-based and print-based activities with Wordwall.
Easelly is a free tool that allows users to create infographics to share with others through printing, embedding in a website or Learning Management System, or sharing a link.
Wakelet is a platform that allows teachers to gather, organize, and curate digital materials to share with students. Wakelet enables users to share tweets, PDFs, videos, and links to websites.
EXCELJET is a website that contains online tools to help users perform a variety of tasks in Excel. The site offers both free and for-pay training options.

Edpuzzle provides a way for teachers to generate video assignments and track student progress, creating an active learning experience for students.

Screencast-O-Matic is a free video recording and editing program that allows users to create videos using their screen, webcam, or both.

#GoOpenVA provides a place for educators from around the state to collaborate and share resources.

Socrative Socrative is an interactive, web-based student-response system that can be used on any device or operating system. It allows instructors to engage with students, assess their progress, and personalize learning.

Pixton is a free comic, storyboard, and graphic novel maker. It is the Teachers' Choice Award winner for 2020.

Padlet is a presentation tool that allows you to put all of your materials in one place much like a sticky note on a virtual bulletin board.
Quizlet is a free app or desktop program that can be used to create flash cards, study, or play learning games.
Flipgrid is a video discussion platform that can be used to create a virtual space around a topic or lesson.
OER Commons
Build. Save. Collaborate. Free online library that helps teachers use open educational resources to build lesson plans and courses.
Kahoot! is a free, game-based learning platform designed to promote social learning.

Audacity® is free, open source audio recording and editing software. Teachers can use Audacity® to create media for students or create hands-on lessons where students create media to fulfill instructional objectives. To see more ideas about the use of Audacity in the classroom, go to the Audacity page.

Smart Voice Recorder (Free, Android)
Smart Voice Recorder is designed for high quality long-time sound recording . It has a simple and nice user interface.

Google Drive (Free, Android, IOS, web)
These are apps for editing and viewing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, picture files stored in your Google Drive.

Audioboom (Free, IOS)
Use Audioboo to record up to 10 minutes of audio. Every recording generates a link that you can copy and share.


Nearpod (Free, works on any operating system or browser and can be used on computers, chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices)
Nearpod provides a way for teachers to create, download, and teach interactive lessons. Just upload your document and convert it to an interactive lesson by including engaging activities such as quizzes, polls, draw it, open-ended questions, and 3D objects.

Educreations (Free, IOS, Web)
Educreations is a recordable interactive whiteboard that captures your voice and handwriting to produce amazing video lessons that you can share online. Students and colleagues can replay your lessons in any web browser, or from within our app on their iPads.

Teachers can also create lessons using our online whiteboard, which works in any browser that supports flash. Just log in to your account on our website and click on the "Create a New Lesson" link to launch our online whiteboard.

Students can use this whiteboard to practice writing or word identification strategies, or record their voices while they are reading or sounding out a word.

Prezi (Free, IOS, Android on Chrome, Web-based)
Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software. You can present from your browser, desktop, iPad, or iPhone and always have the latest version of your work at your fingertips. Create or edit on the go, then auto-sync across all your devices.

Haiku Deck Presentation and Slideshow (Free, IOS)
Makes it a snap to create beautiful presentations that will wow your audience.


Edmodo (Free, IOS, Android, Web)
Edmodo, also known as the “Facebook” for schools, supports collaboration in classrooms, schools, and across regions.

This app/software manages digital assets, and tracks usage patterns and student progress. Teachers can safely connect online classrooms, communicate with students, collaborate on assignments, and discover new resources from other teachers.

Remind 101 (Free, IOS, Android)
An easy-to-use communications app for safe texting. Teachers can send schedule reminders, messages, documents, and photos to their students’ phones (and to families). Unlike Facebook, this communication is one-way and safe, since phone numbers are kept strictly private.

Evernote for Schools (Free, IOS, Android, Web, with audio component)
Evernote is a great tool for teachers to capture notes, organize lesson plans, collaborate on projects, snap photos of whiteboards, and more. Everything you add to your account is automatically synced and made available on all the computers, phones and tablets you use, at home or at school.

Credly (Free, IOS, web)
Create achievement badges for your students! Credly is a universal way for your adult learners to earn and showcase their achievements and badges. Badges or achievements you create on your BadgeOS site can automatically be created on your Credly account and shared with your students.

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