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SBI 2 Training Materials

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"If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow." ― John Dewey

CCRS ELA: English Language Arts/Literacy Strand

PowerPoint: PLCs Focusing on Assignments and Student Work
This presentation covers the CCRS ELA portion of the SBI 2 training.

PowerPoint: PLCs Focusing on Assignments and Student Work
This presentation covers the CCRS ELA portion of the SBI 2 training.

Overview of Critical Friends Model
This two-page introduction provides a rationale for the critical friends model around which the student work protocol is based.

Key Documents for CCRS ELA PLCs
Together, these three documents outline the process for beginning PLC meetings with a focus on constructive collaboration, looking at an assignment and student work, and collaboratively redesigning the assignment.

Training Example: Historical Analysis
These files include the sample assignment and student work used to demonstrate the protocol during the SBI 2 training.

ELA Facilitator Guide: Focusing on Assignments and Student Work
This detailed, step-by-step CCR SIA facilitator guide provides helpful organization tips, directions, and material for facilitators to review prior to PLC meetings.

Facilitation Tips for PLCs
These bulleted tip sheets provide helpful reminders and tips for standards-focused PLC facilitation. They were developed by Carol Coffey and Hillary Major.

Survey: How well are we doing?
This teamwork survey can be given after several PLC sessions to help facilitators judge how well participants are responding to the process and which areas may need some improvement.

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