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Professional Learning

The Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center, or VALRC, suggests that all adult educators, including managers, administrators, data specialists, and especially teachers, complete a checklist of actions, tutorials, and modules in order to develop a foundational platform of knowledge about the field of adult education in Virginia. The checklist is offered as both a tool for managers who need to on-board new staff, and for adult educators who want to manage their professional growth. Completing the checklist is not mandatory; rather, it is a recommended list of important items compiled by experienced adult educators around the state. VALRC suggests these actions, tutorials, and modules be completed by staff members during their first 1- 3 years of employment. Finally, this list is not exhaustive but is meant to complement professional development and training conducted by local program employers. We suggest revisiting this list annually to stay current on the latest changes.

To remain up-to-date on important adult education program information, please subscribe to or create an account with the following:

  1. VAELN listserv The VAELN listserv is managed by VALRC and is used to advertise upcoming professional development opportunities, news, and other important information for Virginia adult educators.
  2. COVLC The Commonwealth of Virginia Learning Center, or COVLC, is Virginia’s learning management system. By creating an account in COVLC, users can enroll in VALRC-sponsored events and manage their professional development transcripts.
  3. LINCS The Literacy Information and Communication System, or LINCS, is a federallymanaged resource for adult educators in the U.S. LINCS offers professional development courses and modules, online communities of practice, and information of interest to the field.

Click on one of the topics below to find resources relevant to the areas of adult education and literacy that most interest you.

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Career Pathways/

Career pathways is an important component of both workforce development and access to postsecondary education.



As an ESOL teacher or program manager, you will want to have the tools to provide up-to-date content with current methodologies aligned with content standards to improve your students' learning. You will find resources that are worthwhile tools for teaching ESOL in this section.

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High School Equivalency

This section offers information about high school completion options for adults in Virginia and professional learning opportunities for instructors.

IEL/Civics Education Icon

Civics Instruction for ELLs

Included in this section are resources focused on immigration, data and statistics, civics instruction, and workplace preparation.

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

This section contains a wealth of information on learning disabilities and, specifically, how learning disabilities affect our adult literacy learners.

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Numeracy is the word to know for today’s math teachers! It’s more than computation and devising mathematic formulas. Numeracy is the ability to use mathematical ideas, principles and procedures for a purpose in one’s life.

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This section is dedicated to resources that rely on research-based principles of reading instruction and suggest practical ways to apply research findings to adult learning settings. You will find resources related to reading and adult basic education instruction.

Standards Based Instruction

Standards-based Instruction

This section contains resources to support standards-based instruction and links to Virginia's adult education standards: the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education and Virginia's Adult Education Content Standards for English for Speakers of Other Languages Instruction.

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Tech Tools

Technology changes constantly, so our intent with the following links is to provide information about new resources, important links, and online resources you can use to help you integrate technology into your programs and lessons.

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Writing skills are demanded by employers, job training programs, and academic institutions. Technologies like email and social media make writing an even more integral part of daily life, both at home and in the workplace. In this section, you’ll find helpful links for educators who teach writing.

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